Buy or sell real estate in the Cayman Islands with cryptocurrency

Parallel facilitates real estate transactions in the Cayman Islands with cryptocurrency


Parallel is Cayman’s premier cryptocurrency escrow provider, working alongside trusted real estate agents and attorneys to facilitate the sale or purchase of your property using cryptocurrency.


We escrow all cryptocurrency assets in secure cold wallets during the conveyancing process and follow a regulated approach to release funds at closing.


Parallel is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) as a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider (Ref: 1919945). We are compliant with all applicable legislation and regulations.

Parallel is bridging cryptocurrency and real estate in the Cayman Islands

Buying or selling real estate with cryptocurrency should be simple, so we made it that way

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years experience of combined real estate advising and brokering


years experience of combined information security


years experience of integrated cryptocurrency software and business development

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